Industry 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution changed production processes. Digital technologies are present everywhere: Internet of Things, robotics, augmented reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, big data. All these techniques are part of the new technologies of Industry 4.0.


My actions in Industry 4.0

Project Manager at the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Regional Agency, Expert in Industry of the Future and Robotics. I work with industrial companies to provide advice and support on the problems of productivity gains through the organisation of production flows, automation and robotisation, the introduction of new technologies such as additive manufacturing and virtual reality.

In charge of a Regional and European funding programme for regional production companies, with 3 M Euros over 2 years. Expertise with industrialists for the implementation of Factory of the Future strategies, actions on production lines, robotisation and introduction of new digital technologies.

Co-animator of the Coboteam Cluster, international meetings in South Korea, Norway, European programmes in Brussels, Animator for the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region at the largest national trade fairs: Global Industrie, Vivatech, SiDO... in conjunction with the players in the ecosystem: Alliance Industrie du Futur, French Federation of Robotics, 3R Robotics Network, competitiveness clusters, CCI, Bpi France...

Numerous interventions in the form of conferences, round tables and thematic animations. Courses and curriculum development in Industry 4.0 and Robotics at the University of Lyon.

European Expert in Innovation Strategy and interventions in support of the European Industry 4.0 and robotics programmes.