Professional background

2021 - current

2016 - 2021

Co-founder, general manager

Thematic auditor


Account manager

Industry 4.0 expert

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

regional agency


Industry 4.0

Support for young innovative companies

- Reducing the failure rate of creators and investors

- Strengthen equity capital when necessary

- Securing investments through independent studies


Digital Technologies and Robotics

- Economic development of regional businesses

- Support and financing of innovation projects

- Industry of the Future, robotics and cybersecurity


depuis 2017

2015 - 2016

Expert Européen EIMC

Innovation Strategy

South East Director
Jessica Cap'Tronic


European Expert in Innovation Strategy

- Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity in SME

- Diagnosis and support for SMEs


Electronic solutions and embedded software

- Innovation support for SMEs, all sectors of activity

- Advice, training, seminars, support contracts

Industrial robotics

2007 - 2015

2010 - 2017

On-board computing for road transport
- Control and safety calculators on trucks
- GPS systems, GPRS, internet transmissions


R&D Director
FLIP Technology

President Alumni CPE Lyon 

Engineering school CPE Lyon

Lyon Higher School of Chemistry, Physics and Electronics

- President of the CPE Lyon Alumni Association



European Expertise EIMC

depuis 2010

2000 - 2007

1998 - 2000

​Associate Professor

Lyon 1 University

University Lyon 1 - Faculty of Science and Technology

- Communication and Business Management

- Bachelors and Masters courses, Professional Bachelors


Industrial IT Management, Robotics

BBR Automation

Finuchem Group


Turnkey robotic industrial computing
- Engineering in robotic installations
- Industrial production IT projects
- Robotic plant equipment, vision

Business Engineer

Executive Assistant

Réalisme Informatique

Hospital medical applications
- IT for hospital services 
- Software packages for the pharmaceutical industry

Embedded systems

1992 - 1998

CEO Creation of company

AxNet - Pietzsch Group

Technical Director


In-vehicle safety systems

- Calculators for cars, trucks, cranes...

- Networked anti-collision safety systems

- INRS, TUV, industrial constraints approvals

1989 - 1992

Sales support

France and europe

Efisysteme Electricfil Group

Systèmes et réseaux industriels

- Commercial avant-vente systèmes et réseaux

- Analyse des besoins, offres

- Suivi client, interface entreprise et groupe

1986 - 1989

Industrial Project Engineer

Research and applications

Efisysteme Electricfil Group

Industrial real-time systems

- Development of real-time systems

- Embedded application software, fieldbuses

- Communication software, fibre optic network


Safety systems

1985 - 1986

CPE Lyon specialisation

Engineer specialisation

Digital technologies

Year of Specialisation Engineer
- Year opened by the Ministry of Industry
- Training specialising in computer science and microelectronics
- On secondment from Framatome on a training contract

Nuclear power stations

1980 - 1986

Robotics Design Engineer

Robotics, computer science

Framatome - (Areva Group)

Robotics for nuclear power plants
- Robots for maintenance under radiation
- Non-destructive testing Eddy current testing
- Electronic dimensional controls 


1976 - 1980

French Air Force

Electronic maintenance

Aircraft piloting

Fighter aircraft maintenance and student pilot
- On-board computers, Mirage III and Jaguar specialisation
- Student pilot officer on CAP 10 and Fouga Magister
- Student e-training and on-board computers

Aircraft piloting and maintenance