For many years now, I have enjoyed sharing and exchanging on current topics and the major themes of the moment through my lectures, to many different audiences.


I have developed a series of lectures on areas that are close to my heart, based on my personal and professional experience and knowledge. Sensitizing, informing, explaining, training but also entertaining are my leitmotivs.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like me to intervene on one of your events. My conference topics are at your disposal and can be adapted if necessary.

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The Industry of the Future: Understanding the Industry of the Future and the concepts of the 4.0 revolution, the new strategies and technologies of tomorrow. A great challenge for French industry.

Robotics and Cobotics: Robotics is becoming a must in industry and in our daily environments. State of the art on robotics in its different forms, collaborative and mobile.

The digital revolution: The digital revolution is impacting our environment and our businesses. A 360° view on the evolution of these technologies that are transforming our economy, our work, our daily life...

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Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our environments and is imposed in a visible or hidden way at all levels of our activities. State of the art and outlook on these impressive technologies.

Connected objects: More than 80 million connected objects expected by 2020 ! What do they bring to our professional environments, the industry of the Future, and to our daily lives? A broad overview and reflections